Over the years we have been retained by many clients to manage a project for them.  One main reason is that companies simply do not have the bench strength to handle a new, important project; oftentimes the contributing departments can keep up with their portion of the assignments but there is no one who can devote the time and energy necessary to tie it all together and get to a successful completion.

That’s where KCG comes in.  After receiving the requisite briefings, parameters, scope and marching orders, we dive right in. We follow the advice from Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf: “When given command, take charge”.  From putting project plans together, following up with departments and vendors, organizing a minimum number of meetings, we have one goal, and that is to make the project happen in the shortest amount of time with the best possible results.  Interestingly enough, we often get questions like “What department do you work in?” or “Are you new?”  These are compliments because we attempt to embed ourselves in the organization, working as teammates rather than outsiders.  This collaborative style has served us well in assignments both large and small.

We would be happy to discuss any projects you may have coming up.  Please give us a call and learn what the professionals at KCG can do for your organization.  Our entrepreneurial spirit and ability to navigate any corporate culture set us apart from the run of the mill consultants out there.